21 Feb 2015

Narratives of Ladakh: enquiry into the vernacular art and architecture in the high mountains

Please follow the link below for information on this interesting programme examining the aesthetic and practical value of Ladakh's vernacular art and architecture. The programme is being hosted this summer by the Institute of Design, Environment and Architecture at the Indus University, Ahmedabad. Exhibitions will also be held in Kargil and Ahmedabad in June this year.

It is of interest for students of art, art history, architecture, design and planning.


4 Feb 2015

Landslide in Zangskar blocking the Tsarap

I appreciate we do not usually give much coverage to regional news stories on this blog but the landslide in Zangskar that has blocked the Tsarap downstream of Marshun is certainly worthy of a mention. The landslide has impeded flow on the river and has already created an estimated 8KM lake. It has serious implications for the immediate Zangskar region and potentially the wider region should the landslip breach in a single catastrophic event. There is plenty of information on the internet covering the subject but a comprehensive summary is provided here by the South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers and People.