21 Apr 2013

Dan Martin's Tibet Scholarship Bibliography

Hello readers,

This is a mini-post to let you all know that the incredible Tibet scholar Dan Martin has made his 1712-page Tibet Scholarship Bibliography available online for free download via his blog, Tibeto-logic. The Tibet Scholarship Bibliography link above also has other incredible resources that he has compiled over the years.

Don't forget to thank Dan if you download his work!

12 Apr 2013

General travel information and directions for the 16th IALS Conference in Heidelberg

For all those travelling to the 16th IALS Conference we have produced a document containing directions to the Conference venue and general travel advice. Click here to download.

Wishing you all safe journeys, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Ladakh Studies newsletter April 2013

Ladakh Studies newsletter April 2013

Dear member of the International Association for Ladakh Studies, (apologies for the none- personal greeting, my system isn't fancy enough to put you name in here automatically).

Julley and warm greetings from springtime in Birmingham, UK with one week until the conference in Heidelberg and we’re pleased that so many of you will be able to join us. For those of you that can’t make it to Germany next week, I hope you’ll take a look at the program once its uploaded to the conference website (linked below) and if there are any paper you’d have especially liked to hear, contact the author and continue interaction across the association. We’ll also be posting the outcome of the AGM and introducing you to your new executive committee soon after the conference.

If you are active on facebook, please to 'like' our page

For those attending the conference please see attached the directions to the accommodation and conference. As there are a lot of you attending and only a very small team of volunteers working with Juliane in Heidelberg at this very busy time in the lead up to the conference, please can we ask members to only email the team for essential and urgent enquiries, and anything else can be sorted once you arrive. This will be much appreciated. The updated program will be uploaded over the weekend to the following page http://www.sai.uni-heidelberg.de/geo/conferences/ladakhstudies/programm.html

The LADAKH STUDIES journal edition no. 29 should have popped though your letterbox sometime in the last month, and I hope you have enjoyed reading articles by some of our PhD scholars as well as shorter news and discussion items from more established members of the association. If your copy has not come though, please email your name and current address to journal@ladakhstudies.org and we can chase to see where it may have got to, and send a replacement copy if necessary. Alternatively (or additionally), you can download the edition via the members-area resources using username:username: ialsmember  and password: konstanz1981  via the members area on the following page of the website http://www.ladakhstudies.org/resources.html

FREE LADAKH BOOKS - In this same members resource area, we hope to upload a full electronic copy of the seminal work Himalayan Buddhist Villages (HBV) edited by Drs John Crook and IALS founder Henry Osmaston, soon after the conference, so please do check back at the start of May for this. The IALS does have around a dozen hard copies of HBV which can be distributed to members for free, depending on sorting postage (which may be free or very cheap within UK or India, and more outside – note the book is over 1kg). If you would like a copy for your institution, please let me know on treasurer@ladakhstudies.org by the end of the month and we can make the arrangements. We also have innumerable copies of Recent Research on Ladakh 6 – proceedings from the 1993 conference – a much lighter volume, which all of you are all very welcome to a copy, so please email on the above email address by the end of April if you’d like one and we can try and make arrangements to get it to you either free or cheaply.

News from Ladakh - coped below are links to new items posted by IALS members to the news blog on the website. Anyone can post, you just need to sign in via gmail and it will re-direct you to blogger and you can create the post that will go up on the website from there.
And finally - a more personal note from me, I’ll be stepping down from membership secretary role at next week’s AGM and just wanted to that you all for your support and patience with me over the last few years whilst we have been updating the membership system. It’s been great to be in touch with so many of you, either electronically or during the last few conferences and I wish all the best to the association as it goes from strength to strength. I hope to see many of you again at future IALS conferences and events. Those of you on facebook, linked-in and or academia.edu, please do add me and keep in touch.

Sincerely, Gareth

Gareth Wall – (outgoing) membership secretary and treasurer
International Association for Ladakh Studies

News from Ladakh from the members posts on the website blog

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