29 Aug 2013

Collection of papers on contemporary Ladakh

Himalaya: The Journal of the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies, has recently published a collection of papers on contemporary Ladakh. The special edition includes contributions of IALS members Jonathan Demenge, Radhika Gupta, SalomeƩ Deboos, Jennifer Aengst and a literature review from John Bray. Himalaya is a biannual peer-reviewed journal that aims to cover all aspects of Himalayan Studies. It publishes original research articles, short field reports, conference reports and literature and photo essays from the Himalayas. Those wishing to read the special edition can subscribe to the journal through the Himalaya webpage here: <http://himalayajournal.org>. Back copies of the journal can be accessed electronically through the archive, and the current edition will eventually be available here: (http://digitalcommons.macalester.edu/himalaya/).
On a related note, the 3rd Association of Nepal and Himalayan Studies (ANHS – home of the Himalaya journal) Himalayan Studies Conference that will be held at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA from Friday 14 March to Sunday 16 March 2014 (see link http://hsc2014.commons.yale.edu/). The theme of the conference will focus upon the idea of communities within and across the Himalaya, partnerships between scholars, governments and citizens, and communities of practice that support Himalayan Studies. The Organising Committee will consider papers that do not explicitly address this theme, but participants are encouraged to consider the role in their presentation. THE DEADLINE FOR THE PAPER CALL IS 30TH SEPTEMBER 2013. The IALS would like to encourage Ladakhi researchers to use this conference and similar conferences as a platform to present their work‑and Ladakh‑to a wider audience. Those interested in participating should visit the website for details of the “call for papers” and panel themes. Participation is restricted to ANHS members, and the webpage gives details of how to become a member.